4 thoughts on “Greetings…

  1. Megan Temme

    Hi Jeff. Not sure if you remember me? I’m friends with Paige and Jeff Bower. I’ve met you several times at Brooke’s and Kelly’s. I love your art work! The one of Sophia is wonderful! I live on a horse farm out at Maffitt Lake, so have a particular liking to the horse pieces. I will keep watching for more! How much are they? Are they priced by size?

    Thank you!



    1. jeffklisares Post author

      Hi Megan! Of course I remember you! And yes I understand you are a horse lover and you have the equine facilities! Is love to come out and take photos if you’d let me. Yes I am approx. $2.00 per square inch this year so you should be able to figure out by size. Let me paint a half dozen horse paintings so you can find one you like. Thanks for taking the time and thank you for your nice comments! Talk soon


  2. Dan Wooldridge

    Hi Jeff I hope you have been well through the COVID stuff. I really enjoy your work and the spirit of peace that many of them convey regardless of composition. I guess that is your style. My wife and I may make it back to Des Moines sometime later this year. It would be fun to get together for a glass of wine. Dan



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