2 thoughts on “Escape from the Dog Park

  1. Marcia Avner

    Jeff, I love getting your painting notices – wonderful work. Do you still spend time on Park Point? We haven’t been to the Duluth area since the pandemic lockdown, and we miss it. Glad to have your painting of the view from the sand dunes. Hope all is well with you and Becky and all. Marcia Avner



    1. jeffklisares Post author

      Thank you Marcia! Sometimes I forget that the new painting notices go out via email. We sold the house on Park Point a few years ago. But we do miss it often. It was such a special place. Maybe we will retire there someday! Becky says hello and we hope you both have stayed healthy through this pandemic. Thanks for reaching out, it is really nice to hear from you. Stay in touch!



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