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20×24 oil on wrap canvas – private collection

Occasionally, I accept commissions, some random image strikes me, and I accept instantly. This was the case with “Howard.” This is, most likely, my last painting of 2021. A year in which I signed 45 paintings, with a goal to paint and sign 52. I fell short, but oh what a year it has been. My world changed a bit for the better when I acquired a new downtown studio in early March of this year. That north light has served me well. Mark my words here, 2022 is going to be a fantastic year of painting. As Cezanne is quoted to have said “with an apple, I will astonish Paris.” Stay tuned!

Keo Way @ 12th St. – DSM

11×14 oil on canvas

The north view looking out of my studio in downtown Des Moines at approximately 4:00 PM on a misty Friday night. I had been reading Erle Loran’s book on Cezanne, and it has influenced me. The color planes, the open palette, the lines, and the means, which were his own, by which he created depth.

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