“It takes a considerable amount of courage to paint a perception of a reality on a flat surface for the world to see. Creating is akin to narrowly surviving a trip to the gates of heaven, or maybe hell, and then trying to tell someone about it. In essence, it is a boundless place one journeys to, speaking some kind of other language about unspeakable truths.”

“Artists therefore are somewhat alien.  We are moved by a certain something stirring in our soul and, we are driven to try to communicate these certain somethings in other forms, since we are unable to speak or write about them. Painting thus is humbling, and bumbling around an appreciation of the aesthetic nature of this life. Painting is a place you go. I have seen something. I am bearing witness. It is a form of testimony of the incontestable.”

“It doesn’t appear to be hurting anyone. In fact maybe it’s helping.

Jeff lives with his wife Rebecca and step-son Noah in Des Moines, Iowa. When the high summer heat arrives they head to their home in Duluth Minnesota.

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