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The New Horizon

12×12 oil on canvas

2021 has come to a close with this last plein air study. Here I now stand, after following the rules of classical form for five years of painting, at the precipice of knowing that what lies ahead is toward the abstract. In order to avoid painting another ho-hum landscape, albeit ones with sound harmony and sensibilities, I’ve realized, from recent in-depth studies of the principles of Cezanne, that true art comes from the corruption and violation of nature. One is otherwise making a replica or a copy of her. The picture is the thing. It is its own thing. A two dimensional thing that must be created in its own right. I’m setting out. Wish me luck.


20×24 oil on wrap canvas – private collection

Occasionally, I accept commissions, some random image strikes me, and I accept instantly. This was the case with “Howard.” This is, most likely, my last painting of 2021. A year in which I signed 45 paintings, with a goal to paint and sign 52. I fell short, but oh what a year it has been. My world changed a bit for the better when I acquired a new downtown studio in early March of this year. That north light has served me well. Mark my words here, 2022 is going to be a fantastic year of painting. As Cezanne is quoted to have said “with an apple, I will astonish Paris.” Stay tuned!

The Golden Gate

20×24 oil on gallery wrap canvas

I lived in California for five years in the early 90’s. As a school age kid, I was a California dreamer. Volkswagen beetles and flower power seemed very alluring to me. The entire west did. I eventually discovered it all and, the west and its beauty became my inspiration to paint. The Golden Gate Bridge represented the entire promise of what the west had to offer. Today, it is a vastly different cultural and political climate but, the beauty remains. This painting will most assuredly find a home.

R16 and 270th. Dallas County Sunrise.

20×24 oil on gallery wrap canvas

I’ve been driving around the surrounding farmlands this summer and fall, taking photos of future paintings. I just got around to facing, and finishing this one, after starting it a month ago, and being intimidated by the light in it.

Dallas Country Grain

12×16 oil on wood- private collection

To quote, and borrow a phrase from baseball, “I’m seeing the ball really well right now,” I’ve got 10,000 hours invested in getting to where I can execute this sky and palette. If you go out early in the morning and look, meditate, on the color in the atmosphere, you will soon see that, starting at the horizon, all six colors (the three primary, the three secondary) are there. Follow me: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. From bottom to top. So fun to paint. Enjoy.

East of Adel

12×12 oil on cradled wood – sold

I am beginning to drive around the state of Iowa more often, scouting for those special places that may be painted in the early or late light of day. This was a barn just east of Adel, Iowa that I found interesting enough to sketch out. The light, however, is the thing I am after.

Lost Creek

9×12 oil on canvas – private collection

I’ve lived in the State of Colorado twice in my lifetime. Loveland Co. for one year in 1975, before returning to Iowa to attend University. (ISU.) Then again for six years throughout the late 1980’s in Colorado Springs Co. I knew the state well and, often miss the open range feel of the West.


18×24 oil on canvas – SOLD

This is a Work in Progress. Des Moines is, or was, home of the Travelers Life Insurance Company and, this rooftop sign is an iconic part of the downtown cityscape. I’ve still to add the letters under the Umbrella and, it is basically all the farther I intend to take it. Cheers.

Since first posting, I’ve updated the painting to include the letters of the classic sign.