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Light Rain

12×12 oil on panel

I consider 10th and Locust, in downtown Des Moines, my neighborhood as it is three blocks from my studio. There is a rather decent Italian restaurant in the building you are looking at, along with the Temple Theater venue for live events. Across the street to the west is a Starbucks, also very convenient for coffee and meetings.

Keo Way @ 12th St. – DSM

11×14 oil on canvas

The north view looking out of my studio in downtown Des Moines at approximately 4:00 PM on a misty Friday night. I had been reading Erle Loran’s book on Cezanne, and it has influenced me. The color planes, the open palette, the lines, and the means, which were his own, by which he created depth.

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The Golden Gate

20×24 oil on gallery wrap canvas

I lived in California for five years in the early 90’s. As a school age kid, I was a California dreamer. Volkswagen beetles and flower power seemed very alluring to me. The entire west did. I eventually discovered it all and, the west and its beauty became my inspiration to paint. The Golden Gate Bridge represented the entire promise of what the west had to offer. Today, it is a vastly different cultural and political climate but, the beauty remains. This painting will most assuredly find a home.


18×24 oil on canvas – SOLD

This is a Work in Progress. Des Moines is, or was, home of the Travelers Life Insurance Company and, this rooftop sign is an iconic part of the downtown cityscape. I’ve still to add the letters under the Umbrella and, it is basically all the farther I intend to take it. Cheers.

Since first posting, I’ve updated the painting to include the letters of the classic sign.

“On the Park Point bridge”

9x12 oill on panel

            9×12 oill on panel – private collection

I have been fascinated with the aerial lift bridge since seeing it for the first time over seven years ago. Now that we have been spending our summers on Park Point, I have finally gotten around to approaching this marvel as subject matter. I am so taken by it that I intend to keep painting the bridge in all available light. This little jewel turned out to my liking. I hope you enjoy it too!

“Chasing Bob Dylan”

16x20 oil on panel

                             16×20 oil on panel  

It’s true. Last year (2014) while in Duluth MN. we tailed Bob Dylan riding in the back of an old Bentley with some of his friends. He was playing that night in Duluth and stayed at the Fitgers Hotel where we saw him go in. We could see and hear the concert from our house. It poured like hell.